Celery Fields ‘Quads’ project names construction manager


Jeanne Dubi, President of the Sarasota Audubon Society

The Sarasota Audubon Society and Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast have chosen Willis Smith Construction as construction manager for the public-private partnership to restore natural habitat and passive recreation on three of the Quad Parcels at the Celery Fields.

Chrstine Johnson is president of the Conservation Foundation of Sarasota County

The Celery Fields, a nationally and internationally recognized birding haven, is buffered from industrial uses on the western edge by four tracts of land known as the Quad Parcels. Willis Smith joins owners representative Steve Suau of Progressive Water Resources and site plan engineering firm Kimley-Horn to round out the project team.

“With the addition of wetlands, woodlands and expanded public access, this project is a huge win not only for wildlife, but for people as well,” Sarasota Audubon president Jeanne Dubi said.

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