St. Joseph's Hospital - Secure Holding Area

WASC removed an old hyperbaric chamber and converted the space in a new secure holding area as part of the Emergency Medicine area at SJH.  Due to the size of the 40 year old hyperbaric chamber, exterior walls were removed and a crane was used to move the chamber onto a flatbed truck.

The interior space was then demolished and abated, and the exterior wall and window components rebuilt.  The 1,450 SF renovation of the ground floor suite was within the existing and fully operational St. Joseph Hospital Critical Care tower.

Renovations included seclusion rooms, waiting room, a unisex restroom, and nurse station. All areas required anti-ligature and tamper proof devices such as door hardware, light fixtures, HVAC, and specialty items. The project features a new nurse call, electrical system and extensive upgrades to fire wall and interior walls, new finishes, and plumbing and mechanical changes.