Tidewell Hospice and Palliative Care - Bradenton Residence Addition

The Bradenton Hospice Residence Addition project consisted of an 8,400 SF addition as well as a complete renovation to the existing 7,400 SF house.  The project added eight resident rooms, each with a private bathroom and a private outdoor deck area.  Additional skilled nursing areas, clean linen, clean utility and soiled utility areas were added as well.  The existing kitchen was upgraded to include a commercial exhaust hood and cooking equipment.

Construction was phased to minimize downtime to the existing facility.  Patients remained in the existing house during the initial construction until the addition was ready for final tie-in to the existing building.  The house was shut down at this point and all existing areas renovated as the addition was completed.

Renovation was also completed at this time to the administration office. This was a reconfiguration and updating of the existing office space.