Sarasota County Fire Station No. 23

Fire Station 23 required the demolition of an existing station and the installation of a temporary station trailer for the fire department to continue operations during construction of the new station.

The Fire Station is an approximately 9,991 SF, three-apparatus bay fire station with living quarters that include a day room, a large kitchen/dining room to prepare and eat meals for the entire shift, a fitness room, report room and eight individual bunk rooms. There are also two combined bunk/office spaces for the Battalion Chiefs. This floor plan is similar to an existing station in the district allowing to minimize design cost and overall construction cost. The structure is built to withstand Category 4 hurricane storm winds and there is a back-up diesel fuel generator in the event of a power outage to keep this essential facility operational until utilities can be restored.

Upon completion of the new station, the temporary station was demolished, and the area was restored.

Station 23 will be USGBC LEED Silver.