Construction Management

Construction Management at Risk is the preferred delivery system for larger construction projects. It’s a delivery system that uses project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from pre-construction services to completion.

  • Contractor involved from the beginning of the design process
  • An open-book delivery system making pricing comfortable
  • Increases efficiency in staying on time and on budget


A delivery method that is popular because of its cost-saving potential and its simplicity for the Owner. 

  • The Designer/Builder owns the details of the design and is responsible for any “gaps” between plans and the Owner’s requirements for performance. 
  • The Design/Builder pays for any shortfalls.
  • The Design/Build team is led by the construction side. The benefit to the Owner is the “single point of contact” concept.

General Contracting

This is the traditional approach to builds, where our team provides all construction services for the project. General Contractors hire subcontractors, coordinate the work, and are responsible for paying subcontractors and vendors.

  • Supervise the construction or development of a property
  • Manage project schedule, control project costs, and deliver a great result
  • The Contractor might use its own employees for certain projects, in the owner’s best interest


These services are used to plan a project before the build begins. Our preconstruction managers are committed to working as strategic partners during this phase.

  • Evaluate ideas and alternatives in the design
  • Utilize management tools, technology and innovation to identify and solve issues before construction
  • Create shared project goals for benchmarking and measuring progress
  • Create value-driven options that maintain performance and aesthetic objectives