Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe


  • This was a two-phased project which began with the renovation of the historic Binz Building. The Binz Building was is an air-conditioned shell that provided basic rehearsal facilities with concrete floors, walls, and ceiling. The WCBTT wanted to preserve the charm of the exterior while modernizing the barren inside. The space was renovated to create a usable, productive space with rooms for on-site education programs and entertainment areas as well as for administrative offices. A new rooftop complex for group events/rentals was also be included.
  • The Existing Theatre Building Renovation enhanced patrons’ experience and actor working conditions with the renovation of the existing theatre building with a new lobby entrance, concession area, comfortable, permanent seating, larger restrooms, upgraded dressing rooms and rehearsal space for cast members, and improved parking facilities. New HVAC, lighting, and sound equipment was included in addition to renovations to the stage areas.