Gateway Bank - University & Lockwood Ridge

The original 4,335 SF bank building was constructed in 1995 and the existing layout was inefficient for Gateway’s operations.  The project consisted of modifying more than 50% of the building interior which included new partitions, teller line, offices and finishes.  The building was LEED certified and followed LEED 2.2 guidelines for construction.  New air conditioning systems were installed for air quality and energy efficiency.

New energy efficient light fixtures were installed.  A new “reflective roof tile” was installed and insulation was added in the attic space.  All windows were replaced with more energy efficient and impact glass.  All plumbing fixtures were replaced with water efficient fixtures.  Low VOC (volatile organic products) were used throughout the building including carpets, glues, adhesives and paints.

This branch bank is the first bank building in Sarasota County to earn USGBC LEED Certification and the sixth in the state to earn the designation.