Mote Marine Laboratory - Elizabeth Moore International Center For Coral Reef Research & Restoration

This project was a very special prototype design which Mote Marine requested to allow the structure to be built on the mainland and transported by boat to the island. The facility is an 18,000 SF 3-story structural precast building with parking below. The building is designed to withstand a CAT 5 Hurricane and meet the highest level of sustainability in the Florida Keys with a LEED Gold Certification. The building has two wet science laboratories and four dry science laboratories. There is also a residential component to the building for scientists, students and executives. Classrooms and offices spaces were also included. The building has a solar array on the rooftop. There is a generator for additional backup during power outages. Rainwater is collected and harvested from the roof to a cistern located at ground level for use for non-potable water purposes.