North Education Center and Mosaic Backyard Universe at The Bishop Museum


This project is a major addition and expansion of the original South Florida Museum. The 12,600 SF new and renovated expansion included the new education wing with classrooms to expand the museum’s work in science education.

The facility also includes a flexible multi-purpose area capable of being divided for different uses. One area features a glass wall to allow the curators to work on exhibits in a closed environment while being viewed by the public.

The program has a technology storage room for the museum’s I-Pads which are used for the interactive experience. This storage room also provides charging stations for the electronic devices.

The 15,300 SF outdoor space, the Mosaic Backyard Universe is a place for hands-on learning. It is modeled on an actual backyard environment for children to experience nature in a unique setting with plants, rocks, water and natural history for them to explore.

The museum sees approximately 80,000 visitors annually and remained open throughout the construction process with only a few exhibits having limited access for brief periods.