Sarasota County - Blackburn Point Park Improvements

The Blackburn Point Park Improvements Project is located on the 10.94-acre parcel located at 477 Blackburn Point Road in Osprey, Florida.

The improvements and expansion of Blackburn Point Park included a motorized boat launch, boat trailer and car parking, new restroom facilities, picnic pavilions, a fishing pier, a non-motorized boat launch, sidewalks, trails, landscaping and storm water improvements.

The original rowing facilities as well as many natural features of the park were retained and enhanced. Construction occurred in phases beginning with the completion of the development of the mainland portion of the park, installation of a pedestrian walkway connecting the mainland parcel with the eastern approach to a historic swing bridge, channel dredging and navigational improvements to serve the new motorized boat launch, installation of a pedestrian walkway from the western approach to the historic swing bridge to the Casey Key Library, and refurbishing an existing non-motorized boat launch, including installation of a floating dock.