Ringling College of Art & Design - Central Energy Plant Facility

The Ringling College of Art and Design Central Energy Plant is a 3,900 SF Plant housing one centrifugal water chiller and one ice-making glycol centrifugal chiller with space to add an additional chiller in the future.

The exterior includes a 5,000 sf courtyard with 20’ CMU walls with floor to beam acoustical panels. The exterior courtyard houses four ultra-quiet cooling towers totaling 2,800 tons of capacity with space for an additional tower later. For added efficiency 24 ice tanks add an additional 600 tons of cooling during peak operating hours. All totaling just under 3,400 tons of total cooling capacity. Also included is roughly 6,600 lf of insulated underground chilled water pipe that will be installed using a combination of boring and open trenching techniques. This project will provide The Ringling College a cost savings for their HVAC demand equaling roughly 62%.