SBSC - Oak Park School - HVAC Renovation

This project renovated the HVAC system for the entire campus and included a new chiller, chilled water piping, electric heat and air side systems. Lighting and electrical distribution was improved throughout the entire campus. The work was completed in 13 phases. The project started in November 2005 with completion in July of 2008.

Phases One and Two (completed summer – 2006) included 11,390 SF of new construction with nine new mechanical rooms which house the new HVAC equipment. During this phase four new Handicap Accommodation Classrooms were built that provide indirect lighting, a low-stress fire alarm system, and physical therapy equipment in student bathrooms. These new classrooms allowed students to be relocated as construction progressed through the next phases. This phase also included 2080 LF of new underground chiller piping installed around the campus and a new 383 ton chiller unit which feeds the new HVAC equipment and replaces the old system.

Phases Three – Thirteen included 75,893 of interior renovation with demolition of the original ceiling tile and grid, electrical fixtures, and ductwork and other old HVAC equipment. Removal of these items eliminated any “moist” or effected area that could potentially grow mold. Exposing the attic space allows for the soffitt venting system to be permanently sealed, creating a “Closed Envelope,” which dramatically lowers the amount of water vapor that could penetrate the building. Completion of this work, allowed for the installation of new ductwork, electrical fixtures, and ceilings. These new items, along with the new air-conditioning equipment, improved the air quality and brought the school to a high industry standard.